CHD Awareness Week Proclamation Reading

CHD Proclamation Reading

Heart Warrior Kaston with
City Commissioner Dr. Brian Eades & Mayor Harpole
We are so excited to announce that we received a call from the Amarillo Mayor’s office that they will be proclaiming CHD Awareness Week, Feb 7-14, 2016 in the City of Amarillo, Texas!
Please join us on Tuesday, February 9th at the Amarillo City Hall, as Mayor Harpole and the Amarillo City Commissioners read the CHD Awareness Week Proclamation! This is a great opportunity for our group to get exposure in the community and helps us spread CHD Awareness in our area!!
The meeting starts PROMPLTY at 5:00 so we need to be seated in the City Council Chamber and ready to go no later than 4:55. Please meet in the downstairs foyer no later than 4:45.

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MLH of Amarillo’s Bravery Bag Program


A Bravery Bag is full of items to support families with a child in the hospital after heart surgery or other heart procedures. When a child needs a heart surgery or procedure, the whole family has to be very brave—the child himself/herself, the parents or caregivers, and any siblings. The Bravery Bag contains items that help the family have courage and strength through this time of crisis to know they are not alone.

With each $25 donation, we can send a bag full of items families need to the hospital, including comfort items, toiletry items, a Courageous Heart Token and even an adorable stuffed lion with a patchwork heart.

Families who receive Bravery Bags have let us know how much it means to them to get the bag during such a difficult time in their lives. Please donate here!

MLH Bravery Bag Sponsorship